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In a rapidly changing modern world it is important for inventors, researchers, patent attorneys, SMEs and large corporations to know what is happening in their area of science, technology or intellectual property. Inventors need to know if their idea has already been patented before taking on the expense of making an application. Researchers at universities, and in industry, will need literature or patent searches to determine whether or not they are expensively repeating existing research. Attorneys may wish to track prior art for patents they have been asked to file, check cited or citing patents or check the legal status of an existing patent. Companies and corporations may wish to build up a picture of a competitor's patent portfolio or try to identify key innovators. Whilst there are now a number of free patent databases on the internet, many of these are for single authorities only or they provide rather basic search tools unlike the commercial databases accessed by SciTechPatents. To use these commercial databases requires training and experience which SciTechPatents patent searcher has in abundance.

Some patent attorneys, universities and companies have contracted their library and information departments and now outsource a lot of their information requirements to outside organisations such as SciTechPatents. Please contact SciTechPatents if you have outsourcing requirements.


SciTechPatents also offers abstracting, indexing and proofreading services.

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Image from US patent US3900204A - mono-ski (snowboard). Inventor Robert C. Weber.