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SciTechPatents wins prestigious patent searching prize

SciTechPatents takes pride in announcing that we have recently been declared the Study Winner of an Study in the area of electronics and computing and we have received a reward for our high quality prior art research.

SciTechPatents wins a chemistry patent searching prize

SciTechPatents has been declared the Study Winner of yet another Study. This time the Study was in the area of chemistry and we have again received a reward for our high quality prior art research.

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June 2014 - SciTechPatents announces its cooperation with is a department of Da Vinci Partners LLC which manages a comprehensive network of trained and experienced patent searchers. Details at:-

Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international patent attorney firm specializing in US patent, trademark and copyright law as well as European and international registration of such rights.

Image from UK patent GB2349798B - energy absorping protective member. Inventor Daniel James Plant.