Our patent and literature searcher services

SciTechPatents offers confidential, professional and reliable patent and literature searcher services, each of them tailored to suit your specific circumstances. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation. You can depend on SciTechPatents professional experience to find the right solution for you – confidently, quickly and without complication.

Fixed prices for the more popular types of searches

  • Peace of mind search - £150. A quick search (taking a few hours) to uncover any obvious patent documents that an inventor should consider before proceeding further.

  • Basic novelty search - £300. A search of published patents and applications (taking 1-2 days) to determine if the invention is new.

  • Extended novelty search - £850. A more thorough novelty search taking 3-5 days.


A brief look at SciTechPatents services

  • Patentability/novelty/prior art searches
  • State of the art searches
  • Patent assignee/inventor name searches
  • Legal status searches
  • Cited and citing patents searches
  • Patent current awareness searching
  • Patent statistics and analysis
  • Patent document delivery
  • Chemical structure searching
  • Non-patent literature searching
  • Physical properties searching
  • Abstracting and indexing
  • Proofreading

Your search report

SciTechPatents will only commence searching after a detailed discussion with you about your search requirements.


Database records normally consist of an abstract (summary) of about 100-300 words describing the contents of a patent, scientific paper, conference proceedings or report and identifying bibliographic details (the patent number or journal article title, author name or inventor name etc). Your search will be conducted using various  keywords, classification codes, chemical structures or CAS Registry Numbers, depending on the subject area of the search, and these are combined as appropriate. Your search report will consist of the relevant database records found in the search together with a description of the search strategy and the terms used. It will be e-mailed, or posted to you, as required.


If full copies of the documents identified in the report are required, these can be obtained by SciTechPatents for an additional fee. Prices for document delivery can be obtained on request.


Unless you have chosen one of the fixed price searches, SciTechPatents will provide a guide price after discussing the work with you. A cost limit will then be agreed which will not be exceeded without your consent. Typically, charges are made up of a per hour charge for the searcher's time and the database charges incurred by him on your behalf. A retainer of 50% of the agreed estimated fee is required before work commences and the remaining 50% will be required after the delivery of the search results. Payment by PayPal, bank transfer, or by cheque, is preferred.


Contract work can also be undertaken.

Abstracting, indexing and proofreading services

These services are also available from SciTechPatents. Please contact SciTechPatents for further details. 


All work is conducted in the strictest confidence and SciTechPatents is only too happy to adhere to any CDAs, or other confidentiality documents, required by clients.


SciTechPatents will be pleased to provide you with more details about the services. Contact SciTechPatents on +44 (0) 20 8470 3975 or use the contact form.


Image from US patent US5727754A - gyroplane. Assignee CarterCopters LLC.